“I wanted to send a quick note thanking you for taking the time to teach us this weekend.   I have to say that this was one of the most effective courses I’ve taken throughout my professional career. Many of the topics taught relate directly to areas of improvement I’ve witnessed in my current role.  I have a meeting set up with my VP later this week to speak of some initiatives I’d like to put in place throughout the year as a result of the teachings in this course.” R. (Financial Services)

“I can’t wait to put the new Talent Management practices in place.” R.E., (Healthcare)

“I found that the material was relevant and focussed on the strategic level of Talent Management.  The program provided a great overview of what Talent Management actually encompasses and the instructor demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the material.” D.D., (Logistics)

“I had the opportunity to take the in-class program and found it to be highly engaging.    I would definitely recommend this training program to other professionals.” P.D., (Professional Services)

“The CTMP Program was very educational.  As we went through the curriculum everything made sense.   This program is of value to early-mid level career professionals to enhance their knowledge and provide them with the competencies to improve Talent Management practices in the workplace.” M.K., (Healthcare)


“This has been a very insightful, comprehensive, and engaging program.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the facilitator’s rich and diverse expertise to help make the material and content fresh, relevant, and impactful.” T.J., (Professional Services)

“Provided an innovative and fresh look to the field of Talent Management.  The course was well run and had a balance that involved all learning styles.  Learned about a lot of practices that will help with my current work environment also with my growth as a professional.” A., (Healthcare)

“The training was outstanding, with very rich content that exceeded my expectations about a Talent Management program.” A.M., (Hospitality)

“The program is highly beneficial.  I currently work with an organization of approximately 300 head office staff and have now learned about new programs to put in place in order to better position us relative to the competition.  This program has provided me with greater insight into identifying what is broken or missing, but more importantly, how to provide solutions.   It’s an intense program that has provided me with the ability to view Talent more strategically.”  R.F., (Financial Services)


“This is one personal investment that I will never forget.  The content was rich and very impactful.  The delivery was sharp, well articulated and professional.  The tutor is very knowledgeable and well able to connect and pass the information and knowledge across.   This course motivated me more to pursue my passion in the HR world more than ever and it has also equipped me to add value to my organization.  The trip to Toronto was well worth it.” A.E., Lethbridge, Alberta (Financial Services)

“CTMP was a very helpful course. The discussions were open to everyone and it helped me learn through experiences of other and gave me a great platform to share my opinion.  I am just a beginner and haven’t really worked in HR but people who have can relate even more deeply than I personally did because of the day-to-day interactions they face in the workplace.  And it has given me a chance to know some situations beforehand and how to deal, avoid, and initiate material in a working environment.”  B.G. (Professional Services)

“My experience for this certification program was amazing.  I liked the way everyone was sharing their real life experiences and how practical examples were given.   The best part about this program was the scheduling and management.  Everything was perfect and up to the mark.   I really want to thank Canadian HR Academy for giving me this opportunity and I am looking forward to implementing this learning in my career.  Thank you once again, it was a pleasure being part of this program.”  J.A. (Consumer Packaged Goods)

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“An enjoyable look at the full aspect of Talent Management.  The real world discussions about situations attendees have faced and their solutions were very informative.” J.H. (Financial Services)

“Wonderful course!!  Very good course content design and great facilitation style.   I also enjoyed the atmosphere amongst attendees in the room.  This is my first career training program in Canada, and I got a valuable chance to meet industry professional through this certification program.   Thank you very much!”  J. C. (Professional Services)

“I took the CTMP program and loved every minute of it.   The real-world examples were priceless and I learned a lot from discussing those scenarios.  Our facilitator was very thorough, clear, and extremely knowledgeable in the field of HR.  A decidedly valuable experience that was well worth the investment of my time and money.  Thank you!” N. A. (Pharmaceuticals)

“Thank you for the workshop.  It was very educational and it gave a very good overview of Human Resources and its different functions.  By participating in the discussions and completing the exercises, I was able to reflect on best practices of leading companies.  I also learned, tremendously from the experiences of other participants.”  B. E., (Education)


“This program was very valuable and relevant to my current role and career aspirations.  It tackled the strategic aspects of Talent Management that I was not able to obtain in my regular HR courses.  The program was well organized and allowed a significant amount of time for group discussion and insight.   I will be the first to recommend the CTMP program to others who would be interested in learning the “how to”s about Talent Management.” C.D., (Technology)

“I truly enjoyed the 2-day CTMP program.  Passionate facilitator, who made the learning fun and extremely informative.  The examples and group discussions helped to cement the learning.   I am leaving the program feeling very inspired to move my career to the next level and to do more learning.  Thanks.”  M. G., (Financial Services)

“Absolutely the best training facilitator!  Her passion in the area of Talent Management is extraordinary.  She has certainly kept me engaged for the entire 2-day training session.  I have had the privilege of having her as one of my university professors six years ago and I have learned so much from her.  I would most certainly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!  I would take another program with her in the future!”  R.S. (Professional Services)